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I couldn’t believe my luck when I found a driving instructor like Matt Ellis. Instantly putting me at ease, my confidence grew very quickly. With clear instruction and his ability to promote independence, I found Matt’s approach extremely positive, engaging and inspiring. I genuinely found myself looking forward to my driving lessons, so much so, that after passing my test I immediately enrolled on his Pass Plus training course to enhance my driving skills further afield and on the motorway. Thanks to Matt at Passing Place, I will always remember learning to drive as a very happy occasion. Words cannot express just how good he is, I am truly grateful and would highly recommend him!

Mary, Watnall


Learning to drive is a big and daunting thing however Matt made it seem so easy and simple. I was a learner that had to constantly talk whilst driving; Matt was easy to talk to and would always hold the conversation to allow me to feel comfortable. He was always so calm and patient which is why I thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience. I would definitely recommend learning to drive with Matt!!

Lucy, Watnall

'I would not hesitate to recommend Matt Ellis as a driving instructor. He's a lovely guy, always willing to help, and will practice manoeuvers until you are confident with them. As well as being patient with any mistakes you might make, he's not afraid to tell you if you go wrong, but will also advise you how to put it right. He must be doing something right as I passed my test first time without any minors! Thanks for your help, Matt.

Emma, Ilkeston

A big thank you to Matt, he allowed my driving experience to be comfortable and fun making the most difficult nerve-racking challenges calm and easy. There was never a dull moment learning with Matt, I passed my test first time in six months due to clear and quirky explanations allowing me to remember each task more easily. Thankyou so much Matt, I'll see you on the road.
Amy, Ilkeston



Ever since I was young I have wanted to drive a car. When the day finally came to have my first exsperience, I was so excited but nervous at the same time. Matt made me feel so comfortable and confident when driving and couldnt have made my first experience anymore pleasurable. Thank you so much Matt for helping me pass my driving test, will recommend you to everyone.

Hollie, Arnold



Matt's approach to teaching was extremely comfortable and trusting. Matt was that easy to talk to, in fact I felt most comfortable driving when we were speaking. He would acknowledge my weaknesses and my strengths and we would discuss them at the end of each lesson and which helped me improve them as I went on to pass my test. Matt knows exactly how to instruct his students to his highest performance and I don’t think I would have passed without this. He never pushed you to do manoeuvres which you weren’t ready for and wouldn’t doubt your driving if you had a bad hour. Everything was great! Best Instructor. Passed first time. Without a doubt only down to Matt.

Jasmine, Eastwood


I wish to give a testimonial about Matt Ellis who skillfully guided me to pass my driving test last year. I was a 55 year old woman who had never learned to drive due to a car accident in my early 20s, when I was a passenger who broke my back. Consequently, I was too nervous to be in control of a car, until my personal circumstances changed and I really needed to be able to drive. Matt was recommended to me by a work friend, as he had helped her daughter to pass her test, and she described how patient and personable he had been. I was not the average teenage learner, but Matt used all his skills to inspire me with confidence and gently took the lessons at an appropriate pace for me.He always explained things in a clear manner, giving encouragement and positive criticism when needed. Matt was always reliable and punctual for lessons, and gave professional verbal feedback at the end of a lesson as well as keeping a written record of what we had done,and what we needed to work on next. I was so happy with the way in which Matt taught me to drive that I instantly booked my Pass Plus lessons with him, and that gave me invaluable extra experience,especially with motorway driving. In conclusion, I think that Matt possesses all the qualities of professionalism,personality and versatility to make the excellent driving instructor that he is, and I could not recommend him more highly .
Jane, Wollaton 

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